Magnetic Locator Operation

Magnetic Locator Operation

This online magnetic locator operation course (approximately 2 hours) develops knowledge and skills associated with detecting ferrous (magnetic) objects. The course teaches basic magnetism concepts, magnetic field detection, magnetic locator operation, and advanced solutions for abnormal operating conditions (AOCs).

This e-learning course, developed with input from industry subject matter experts, utilizes photographs, computer models and videos, narration, and activities to enhance the student's learning experience.

Included in this locator training course: Online quizzes and a final exam. Certificate and wallet card issued upon successful completion.

Who Should Take This Course?

Anyone who is responsible for locating underground utilities will benefit from this e-learning locator training course.

Learning Outcomes

By taking this online utility locator training course, you will gain an understanding of the following topics:

  Magnetic Fields and Magnetic Locating 20 min
  Magnetic Receiver Operation 20 min
  Identifying and Managing the Effects of Magnetic Fields 20 min
  Procedures to Detect Common Objects 25 min
  Procedures to Detect Challenging Objects 30 min


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