Gold Shovel Standard Digging Awareness

Gold Shovel Standard Digging Awareness

Developed with input from a cross-sector of industries, Locate Management's new online Digging Awareness (GSS101) 1-2 hour course is intended to teach individuals of the hazards and safety requirements associated with ground disturbance or excavation activities. This e-learning  course introduces the student to the PROPPER Phases of Safe Digging and some of the key legislation and steps necessary to safely perform a ground disturbance (excavation).

This online program meets or exceeds the standard needed to qualify under the Gold Shovel  Standard and is recognized by GSS.

Included in this Gold Shovel Standard Digging Awareness training course: Online quizzes. Certificate and wallet card issued upon successful completion

Who Should Take This Course?

All individuals, including supervisors, ground disturbers, excavators, project managers, and workers, who work in the ground disturbance (excavation) industry will benefit from this e-learning Gold Shovel Standard Digging Awareness training course.

Learning Outcomes

By taking the online Gold Shovel Standard Digging Awareness training course, you will gain an appreciation of the following topics:

  Introduction to Safe Digging 5 min
  Damage Prevention 5 min
  Ground Disturbance and Excavation 5 min
  Facilities, Damage and Stakeholders 5 min
  Requirements Prior to Ground Disturbance 10 min
  The Notification Process 10 min
  Locating and Identifying Buried Facilities 10 min
  Hand Exposure and Hand Expose Zones 10 min
  Ground Disturbance Safety 10 min
  Plan, Review and Organize 10 min
  Perform Locates and Pre-excavate 10 min
  Excavate and Restore 10 min
  Incidents and Damage Prevention Procedures 10 min


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