UFL Manual Version 3.0 Available

Underground Facility Locator's Field Task Competency Manual

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Locate Management is proud to announce the availability of Version 3.0 of the Underground Facility Locator's Field Task Competency Manual.  This manual specifies Locator training standards and competencies requirements in an effort to increase the accuracy and reliability of locates. By the nature of their role as critical stakeholders in the damage prevention process, Locators can have a significant influence on the success of a ground disturbance. The UFL is responsible for locating underground facilities within urban and rural settings, and for creating and updating maps and records indicating the approximate horizontal alignment of underground facilities. Locators have an obligation to provide sufficient information to anyone undertaking a ground disturbance to allow the ground disturber to complete their work safely and in compliance with the governing regulations.The Manual contains task descriptions developed by experienced Locators with input from industry stakeholders.

Competencies are identified as every day work tasks that make up the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and technology used by Locators in accomplishing their day to day employment.  The Manual developed for UFL’s is endorsed by Canadian Association of Pipeline and Utility Locating Contractors – CAPULC (refer to Section 6.1). The tasks in the Manual were derived from an extensive base of 3200+ competencies outlined in a line locator occupational profile assembled by Locate Management. Section 6.2 provides a cross-reference of Underground Facility Locators (UFL) competency requirements. A Locator’s competencies and skills assessment can Use Section 6.3: UFL Competency Assessment – Observations and Recommendation to document a Locator’s competencies and skills assessment.

Field task competency training, work performance, experience, and successful completion of an industry-specific locating course(s) or program(s) are requirements for Underground Facility Locators.

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To see a sample of the manual click here.

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