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Utility Advanced Line Locating - New Zealand
Overall the course is excellent, it covers all aspects of locating with EMF multi-frequency locators, those you know and lots you don’t.  It helps you understand the way they work and how the ‘world’ effects locating.  It also provides a guideline to good work practices.  Even if you are an ‘old’ Locator I’m positive that you will learn something new from this course.  If you are new to the industry then this should be part of your training process.

Note: although you will learn the ins and outs of locating with EMF, if you are using as standard something like a CAT and GENNY, then the more advanced features won’t mean much, but the correct procedures for active and blind tracing and scanning make up for it.  These are the basics and procedures that can also be used with the CAT and GENNY types.

Each section steps you through the process that it covers, there are mini multi-choice tests as you progress and you have the ability to go back and review sections.  The information is animated which helps visualise what is being discussed.  Once you have completed a section you can refer back to it as many times as you like.

My biggest problem with the course is that it’s in North American terminology and that takes a lot to get used to.  Really if the course is a ‘dedicated’ NEW ZEALAND or AUSTRALIAN course then it should be using the terminology that we understand, otherwise it will cause confusion, don’t just add Dial Before You Dig graphics and say its the New Zealand edition.

This why I can’t give it an excellent score.

Kevin Adams
Underground Service Locators
New Zealand
30+ years locating
Guest | 9/22/2020 3:16 PM
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