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Key to Resolving Locating Obstacles
Damages to buried facilities resulting from insufficient locating practices can be costly. Statistics gathered from accident files, news reports, and the CGA’s Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) Analysis and Recommendations report continue to conclude that locating practices are insufficient.
Connect the Dots
Connect the dots is a puzzle building activity containing a sequence of numbered dots, letters or other symbols to reveal an object by drawing lines between the dots.
PROPPER Phases of Safe Digging – Performing Locates is Critical to a Safe Dig
A digger’s due diligence goes well beyond that of making a notification (one-call) request and relying on a locator technician to get everything right.
PROPPER Phases of Safe Digging – The Importance of Pre-excavation Activities
Too often ground disturbers make the mistake of relying on locates and locate documentation as their last check before beginning excavation activities.