Advanced Line Locating

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Magnetic Locator Operation

This online magnetic locator operation course (approximately 2 hours) develops knowledge and skills associated with detecting ferrous (magnetic) objects. The course teaches basic magnetism concepts, magnetic field detection, magnetic locator operation, and advanced solutions for abnormal operating conditions (AOCs).
From $34.95

Petroleum Advanced Line Locating (PALL)

This 1 day (up to 8 hours) online utility locator training course is aimed at developing knowledge and skills associated with locating locating petroleum producer's facilities. This petroleum locator training course provides an Underground Facility Locator (UFL) advanced solutions to abnormal operating conditions (AOC's).
From $395.00

Locating and Marking

Developed with input from a cross-sector of industries, Locate Management Institute's online Locating and Marking 0.5 days (up to 4 hours) course is aimed at developing locating and marking skills and attitudes.
From $24.95