• Canada Job Grant

    Canada Job Grant Information

    How does it work?

    The Canada Job Grant provides funding for employers toward the cost of training new or current employees in new skills by eligible third-party trainers. The total cost of training is shared between the employers and the Government of Canada.

    Two-thirds of the cost of training, up to a maximum of $10,000 per employee could be provided by the Government of Canada. Employers will need to provide the remaining one-third of the training costs.  Small businesses with 50 employees or less could also benefit from flexible arrangements that could see the cost of wages count towards the employer contribution.

    What type of training can we provide?

    As a private third-party trainer, Locate Management can provide online training in Ground Disturbance (endorsed by ABCGA), Line Locator training and Field training for your employees.

    What costs are covered?

    The Canada Job Grant can be used to cover the following:

    • tuition fees or training costs
    • mandatory student fees
    • textbooks
    • examination fees.

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