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    PROPPER Phases of Safe Digging – The Benefits of Organizing and Preparing the Work Site

    Oct 16 2018

















    Benjamin Franklin stated, “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.

    Ground disturbers (excavators) observing this quote by organizing and  preparing the work site will not only save time, but also, reduce hazards and costs leading to a safe and successful dig.

    Organizing and preparing the worksite topics include:

    ·         reviewing a ground disturbance package,

    ·         adhering to agreements, approvals and permits,

    ·         building and maintain a work plan,

    ·         maintain documentation at the work site,

    ·         placing a notification (one-call) request,

    ·         identifying and documenting hazards and hazard controls,

    ·         updating the emergency response plan (ERP),

    ·         implementing safety monitoring and controls,

    ·         assessing environmental requirements and implementing controls,

    ·         assessing special construction procedures,

    ·         communicating with landowners and field office personnel,

    ·         establishing a field office and preparing staging areas.

    ·         verifying the ground disturbance (excavation) area is marked (white-lined),

    ·         performing a visual inspection,

    ·         clearing surface obstructions,

    ·         communicating with facility owners,

    ·         meeting with work crews to discuss the scope of work,

    ·         photographing the work site

    Considering the possible consequences, such as damage to infrastructure and the environment, or harm to workers or the public, using the PROPPER (Plan, Review, Organize, Perform, Pre-excavate, Excavate, Restore) approach helps to ensure the safety of workers and to prevent damage to facilities.

    Organizing and preparing the work site is the third phase of PROPPER safe digging. Remember, “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.”

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