• Locator Training Needs Assessment

    Locate Management provides onsite Locator Training Needs Assessments. The scope of the assessment encompasses collecting, reviewing, assessing, compiling, analyzing and recommending locator training solutions. Locate Management will prepare findings, draft a locator training needs program, and present a final report.

    Over the past few years, Locate Management has prepared Locator Training Needs Assessments across Canada and the United States. Our assessments identify and recommend changes to internal policies and procedures to improve the knowledge and skills of underground facility locators (UFLs). Locate Management's knowledge based solutions are delivered thru our E-Learning platform and the field training component is provided onsite utilizing the Underground Facility Locator Field Task Competency Manual. Our solutions have shown improvements in underground facility locator competency, resulting in reduced incidents and increased safety to the public, environment, and underground facilities.

    For more information, email us today info@locatemanagement.com or submit the Locator Training Needs Assessment Request form below.

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