• Welcome To Locate Management

    Locate Management is an education, training, and assessment service provider for the ground disturbance (excavation) and line locating communities. We are your source for locator training and supervisory ground disturbance (Level 201 Standard) and digging awareness education.

    Locate Management is the Education and Training Division of Alberta Hot Line Inc.

  • Advanced Line Locator Program

    • Everyday Underground Facility Locators (UFLs) work with what is an increasingly complex underground infrastructure. Locate Management recognizes that UFLs require crucial skills and knowledge to accurately locate, mark, identify and document buried facilities in a safe and effective manner. Our Advanced Line Locator Program includes a collection of industry-specific E-Learning locator training courses, locator field training, and locator assessment services that are designed to increase the overall competency of UFLs.

  • Supervisory Ground Disturbance 201 Standard

    • Locate Management's E-Learning Safe Digging - Supervisory Ground Disturbance (ABCGA 201 Standard) course is aimed at developing advanced safe digging skills and attitudes for all stakeholders in the ground disturbance community. This comprehensive course provides the necessary processes to plan and safely perform a ground disturbance (excavation) as per applicable regulatory requirements and industry best practices/standards.

  • UFL Manual

    • The first edition of the Underground Facility Locator’s (UFL) Field Task Competency Manual specifies locator training standards and competencies requirements in an effort to increase the accuracy and reliability of locates. A UFL is responsible for locating underground facility lines within urban and rural settings, and for creating and updating maps and records indicating the approximate alignment of underground facilities. The UFL Manual, created by Locate Management,contains task descriptions developed by experienced locators with input from industry stakeholders.

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    • New Fall Promotion

      Until October 25th, Locate Management is offering the following discounted price on those taking the full 3-step UFL Certificate Program.
    • Gas Distribution Infrastructure Online Course Released


      Locate Management is pleased to announce the availability of our Gas Distribution Infrastructure course.  This course covers all aspects of the Gas Distribution Infrastructure from Transmission pipeline to private facilities.  



      Locate Management announced the release of Version 2.0 of the UFL Undeground Facility Locator's Field Task Competency Manual at the 3rd Annual Canadian Common Ground Alliance Damage Prevention Symposium, in Montreal, Quebec. This new robust version builds on Version 1.0 by adding new section "Locating Fundamentals and Facility Infrastructure" and updating many of the images which add value for the Underground Facility Locator.

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    Petroleum Locator Online Course
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