• LOCATOR Field Training

    Locate Management's Locator Field Training is designed for the Underground Facility Locator (UFL) who has successfully completed industry specific knowledge development courses. (Click here to see the list of our online underground facility locator training courses.)

    Our qualified and experienced instructors guide, teach, and walk through industry specific field tasks and abnormal operating conditions (AOC’s). Locate Management's training sharpens the skills and builds the confidence of the UFL by providing the opportunity to perform tasks simultaneously with the instructor.

    During locator field training, Locate Management instructors identify and correct common UFL mistakes. Our locator field training will enhance the competency level of all UFL’s regardless of experience.

    Locate Management offers customized group (corporate) locator field training. For more information, email us today info@locatemanagement.com.

    For more information about field training click the links below:

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