Our E-Learning courses include text, audio, images, animation and video. Benefits over traditional classroom training include: lower costs, faster delivery, more effective learning, reduced environmental impact.

    SCORM Compliant

    Each course uses a set of technical standards (SCORM) to ensure the learning content communicates with Learning Management Systems (LMSs). This allows for remote access, tailoring to individuals or organizations, and reduced delivery costs.


    The learner is in control of navigating through the interactive modules which provides a hands-on, real world approach for delivering information. This design can sharpen the Learner's critical thinking and develop logical reasoning skills.

    3D Animated

    Our high quality 3D animated videos capture the Learner's attention, improve understanding, and simplify concepts, procedures, and processes that are not easily described with words or illustrated with still images.


    Our professional high quality narrated (voice over audio) courses humanize the E-Learning and help to reinforce course content in a clear and concise manner.

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