• UnderGround Facility Locator Field Task Competency Manual - VERSIOn 2.0

    Version 2.0 of the Underground Facility Locator's Field Task Competency Manual is available now. The UFL Manual specifies Locator training standards and competencies requirements in an effort to increase the accuracy and reliability of locates. The Manual, developed by Locate Management, contains task descriptions written by subject matter experts with input from industry stakeholders.


    The Manual is endorsed by the Canadian Association of Pipeline and Utility Locating Contractors (CAPULC).


    The UFL Competency Cycle consists of three stages:




    1. Knowledge development (preferably industry specific) course(s),


    2. Industry specific field training (hands-on or OJT), and


    3. Industry specific final assessment (verification of knowledge and skills).



    The Underground Facility Locator's Field Task Competency Manual represents the third and final stage in the UFL Competency Cycle.


    The Manual is divided into five sections:




    1. Locating Fundamentals and Facility Infrastructure


    2. Locating Procedures


    3. Obstacles and Tracing Problems


    4. Industry Examples of Incidents and Preventative Procedures


    5. Appendices and Forms



    To view a sample excerpt from the Underground Facility Locator's Field Task Competency Manual, please click here.


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